Balanced International MMORPG Tournament

Register from November 20-30, 2023




1. Tournament registration participants: Individuals with accounts and characters in the game Revelation: New World, aged 18 and above.

2. Conditions for participation and scope of application: Characters from all servers and at any level can participate.


1. Registration

a. Time:

  • Registration period: From November 20 at 10:00 to November 30, 2023, at 23:59 (GMT+7)
  • The leader of each team should complete the registration form.

b. Requirements:

  • Teams register by nationality, and the character of the team leader must have the national flag in the game that matches the nationality specified in the form in order for the registration to be considered valid.
  • Required number of members: Each team consists of a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 7 members. There is no restriction on members being on the same server.
  • There cannot be more than two members of the same class on the same team. Note: The Holy Lancer class is not eligible for participation in the RGC 2023 Tournament.
  • Results of registration and confirmation of successful registration will be sent to the team leader’s email within 24-48 hours from the time of registration.
  • Teams are not allowed to change members during the tournament.
  • The first 30 valid and successful registered teams from each nation will advance to the Southeast Asia Regional Qualifiers.

c. Announcement of the list of 30 teams per nation:

Time to announce the 30 teams advancing to the Regional Qualifiers for National Representatives in Southeast Asia: December 01, 2023, at 11:00 (GMT+7).

*Teams who register in the Preliminary Selection – National Representative Selection phase will compete to select 3 teams from each region, along with 1 “direct entry” team (top team in the B.O.G 2023 tournament from each region), advancing to the Inter-Regional Preliminary stage. 

2. Group Stage Matches by Nation

a. Time:

  • The draw for groups division will be livestreamed on the official Discord channel of the Tournament on December 02, 2023, at 20:00 (GMT+7). Results and specific schedule according to the groups will be sent to the teams on December 04, 2023, at 11:00 via Discord and the email of the team leader used for tournament registration.
  • Top 30 teams per nation will compete in the Group Stage to select the Top 1 from each group – a total of 3 teams representing each country in the SEA region (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand): From December 07, 2023, to December 10, 2023.

b. Match format and scoring method:

The top 30 teams from each nation will be divided into 3 groups, each group consisting of 10 teams.

Use the Matchmaking feature (Cross-Server) – Balanced Mode.

Each team must not have more than 2 members from the same class. Note: The Holy Lancer class is not allowed to participate in the tournament. 

Matches will follow the 5v5 format, BO3, round-robin scoring for each group, the winning team will receive +1 point.

In case teams have equal points, the goal difference will be considered, calculated as the example below.

Teams A1 v A2 A1 v A3 A1 v A4 A1 v ... Coefficient
Score 1:3 3:0 0:3 ... [-2 + 3 + (-3)+...]= -2
A1 Team -2 3 -3 ...
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  • In case of equal coefficient, a rematch of 1 BO5 match will be conducted to determine the team that advances.
  • The top 1 from each group will become the National Representative advancing to the Inter-Regional Knockout Stage (SEA x China).

c. Match schedule for each Country

Group A: Competition on December 7th, starting at 5:00 pm (GMT+7)
Group B: Competition on December 8th, starting at 5:00 pm (GMT+7)
Group C: Competition on December 10th, starting at 5:00 pm (GMT+7)

Each group will complete the competition in 1 day, each group consists of 9 small rounds according to the following scheme:




  • After players enter the Regional Phase, additional provisions need to be agreed upon. 
  • The Regional Phase will take place on the specific App version dedicated to the Revelation Global Championship, called “RVL Tourney.” Note that the RVL Tourney app is available on two platforms: PC and APK. 
  • Players entering the Regional Phase must provide accurate information to the Organizer for copying character data from your Revelation: New World app to the RVL Tourney app. The required information includes:  

a. Full team name 

b. Abbreviated team name (up to 3 characters, following the rules of the full team’s name, e.g., if the team “Lemon” is abbreviated, it should be “LM,” not “MM”) 

c. In-game character name (up to 10 Latin characters, easily readable for accurate pronunciation by casters, can use the current in-game character name in Revelation: New World if it’s under 10 characters)

d. Represented region 

e. Role ID of the character in Revelation: New World app

f. Password of the account in the RVL Tourney app (must be different from the password of the current character in the Revelation: New World app)

g. Phone number (of all team members, used to register the UU acceleration application account)

h. Classes used for competition (Players can freely fill in the class they want to play in this phase. Note that a team cannot have more than 2 same class and does not include Holy Lancer).

i. Physique (Male/female/girl corresponding to the class intended for competition). 

k. Age (Can be skipped) 

l. Gender (Can be skipped) 

m. Declaration (Positive in nature)


  • The tournament uses a balance mechanism, meaning all players will have the same attribute stats. 
  • The Regional Phase will consist of 3 processes: Friendly Match (1 day of competition), Qualifier Stage (4 days of competition), and Knockout Stage (2 days of competition).  
  • Each region will have 1 “direct team” (for the Southeast Asia region, the “direct team” is the top team in each area of the B.O.G 2023 tournament), and 3 main teams. The “direct team” will advance directly to the Knockout Stage, while the remaining teams will compete in the Qualifier Stage for a chance to advance to the Knockout Stage. 
  • Friendly matches will not count toward the tournament results; these are exhibition matches between the “direct teams” and the Organizer team to kick off the season. 
  • Each team must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7 players. The maximum number of same classes is 2 class per team, with Holy Lancer class not participating in the Revelation Global Championship 2023. 


  • Players log in to the RVL Tourney app and stand in the waiting room. Ten minutes before the start of the match, the waiting room will count down the time to remind players.  
  • After the countdown time ends, the system will automatically match the teams to enter the competition area. 
  • After the match ends, the results will be finalized, and players will be returned to the waiting room to prepare for the next match. 


1. Friendly Match

Seven “direct teams” from the regions: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, and one team from the Organizer: VNGxNE, will have friendly matches with each other before the official competition. 

a. Time: The friendly match will take place on 18/12/2023, at 18:00 – GMT + 7.

b. Match Format:

  • The Organizer team and the 7 “direct teams” will conduct 3 paired matches in order through an automatic random system, each pair of matches consists of 5 rounds (BO5): 1V1 – 5V5 – 3V3 – 5V5 – 1V1. 
  • Winning 3 rounds out of a total of 5 rounds will win the overall victory. 
  • Note: All 8 teams (including the Organizer team and the 7 “direct teams”) will conduct their matches simultaneously. 

2. Qualifier Stage

Twenty-two teams (including 18 teams in the Southeast Asia region and 4 teams in the China region) will participate in the competition. Based on the overall points after 4 days of competition, the top 9 teams will advance to the Regional Finals. 

a. Time: The Qualifier Stage will take place over 4 days: 21, 22, 25, 26 December, with 4 matches each day in BO3 format. Match time starts at 18:00 (GMT+7) each day.

b. Inter-Regional Qualifier Stage – Matching:

  • The system will automatically pair matches randomly in the first round when teams do not have any match points. 
  • Each win earns +3 points, each loss receives +1 point. After having data on match points, the system will prioritize teams with the same match points to be automatically paired with each other. 

c. Inter-Regional Qualifier Stage – Rules:

  • The format of the Preliminary Round is BO3, with all 3 rounds being 5v5. 
  • Before each round, there will be a “selecting team members” phase, where the team leader will choose 5 members to participate (7 members choose 5 players). After each round, the selection of team members will continue for the next round. 
  • Preparation time (selecting team members): 45 seconds. 
  • Match time: 240 seconds. 
  • Finalized time: 30 seconds.  
  • Rules for match finalizing: If both sides have not been completely defeated, priority is given to the number of surviving players on the team and the amount of damage dealt. Automatic victory is awarded to the team that has won 2 rounds in the finalised phase. 

d. Inter-Regional Qualifier Stage – Ranking:

  • Each day, each team will play 4 matches, for a total of 16 matches, with each win earning +3 points and each loss receives +1 point. In case there are not enough 3 members to play, the system will default to recording the result as a forfeit. 
  • In case of a tie, priority is given to the number of pure wins; a higher pure win count results in a higher ranking. 

* Pure win count (accumulated over multiple rounds) = [number of wins each round] – [number of losses] 

  • In the event of a tie in pure wins, the next consideration is the number of players defeated. The team with more players defeated will have a higher ranking. 

* The number of players defeated is the actual number of players defeated in each match (up to a maximum of 5 players per match, excluding resurrection). 

2. Inter-Regional Knockout Stage:

The top 9 teams after the conclusion of the Preliminary Round, along with the 7 “direct entry” teams from 7 countries, for a total of 16 strongest teams, will advance to the Inter-Regional Knockout Stage. 

a. Time:

  • The Inter-Regional Knockout Stage will last for 2 days: from December 28th to December 29th, starting at 18:00 (GMT +7). 
  • On December 28th, the top 16 teams will compete to select the top 8. 
  • On December 29th, the top 8 teams will compete to select the top 3 overall in the Revelation Global Championship 2023. 

b. Team pairing rules for the Inter-Regional Knockout Stage:

  • The bracket for each match will be available after the entire Preliminary Round concludes. 
  • The Inter-Regional Knockout Stage will be played in a win/loss bracket format. 
  • Pairing mechanism: The 7 “direct entry” teams along with the TOP 1 from the Preliminary Round will belong to seed 1. TOP 2 to TOP 9 from the Preliminary Round will belong to seed 2. Teams in seed 1 will be randomly paired with teams in seed 2 by the system. After pairing is complete, there will be a specific match bracket. The system will automatically count down for 10 minutes to pair teams after the pairing time is up, teams will be brought into the competition area. 

Diagram describing the win/loss bracket of the TOP 16. 

c. Rules for the Inter-Regional Knockout Stage:

  • Each match will consist of a total of 5 rounds (BO5): 1v1 – 5v5 – 3v3 – 5v5 – 1v1. 
  • Winning 3 rounds out of the total 5 rounds will secure victory. 
  • In each match comprising 5 rounds, there will be only one “selecting team members” phase before the official start of the match. The team captain will select team members to participate in each of the 5 rounds, where each member can only participate in 1 of the 3 rounds: 1v1 – 3v3 – 1v1 and cannot participate in multiple rounds. The rule of selecting members does not apply to the 5v5 round. 
  • Preparation time (selecting team members): 45 seconds. 
  • Match time: 
    • 1v1: 120 seconds 
    • 5v5: 240 seconds per round 
    • 3v3: 180 seconds 
  • Finalized time: 15 seconds.  
  • Rules for match summary: After the match time ends, in the event that both teams have not been completely defeated, priority will be given to the number of surviving members, followed by the amount of damage dealt. Automatic victory will be awarded to the team that has won 3 rounds in the summary phase







T & C

1. Tournament Rule Enforcement

1.1. Tournament Rule Acceptance

All members of the team participating in the Revelation Global Championship Tournament must agree to and approve these competition regulations in order to participate in the tournament.

When teams register to participate in the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, it implies that all members of the team agree to and approve the competition regulations at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament.

1.2. Change to the tournament rules

Due to the constant changes and development of the mobile game and Revelation, the competition regulations at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament needs to be changed and supplemented to adapt to the development of the mobile game and the latest updates of Revelation. Any significant changes in the competition regulations at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament will be sent via email and Discord channel to the Team Leaders of participating teams or announced through public media channels. Team Leaders are responsible for providing the latest information and discussion content to the team members. Participating in the Revelation Global Championship Tournament implies that all team members agree to the changes, interpretations, and directives of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament Organizer.

1.3. Compliance with tournament rules

The Revelation Global Championship Tournament Organizer is responsible for operating the Revelation Global Championship Tournament competition (referred to as the “Organizer”). The Organizer will be responsible for providing referees and staff for each match (referred to collectively as the “Organizer Staff”), and ensuring the proper enforcement of the competition regulations at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament.

2. Team member eligibility 

2.1. Participation eligibility

2.1.1. Age requirement

To be eligible to participate in the competition, participants must be at least 18 years old (18 years according to the Gregorian calendar from the date of birth) as of the official competition date at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament. The Organizer has the right to refuse participation if participants do not meet the age requirement mentioned above.

2.2. Organizing Staff, VNG employees and VNG partners

During the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, the Organizer staff, VNG, and authorized VNG partners are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2.3. Character Name

Character names must not violate the game’s terms and conditions as specified at

In case of any issues regarding character names, the Organizer will have the final decision.

2.4.      Registration

Teams must register according to the provided form and within the designated timeframe set by the Organizer.

3. Team

3.1. Team Requirement 

3.1.1. Team Members

Throughout the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, each team is required to have a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) members. The Revelation Global Championship Tournament Organizer has the right to refuse the playing eligibility of teams that do not comply with the team requirements set by the Organizer. In addition, team members cannot be changed throughout the Revelation Global Championship Tournament.New

3.1.2. Team Leader

Each team, during the registration process, needs to designate one (1) member as the Team Leader (referred to as the “Team Captain”). The Team Leader will represent the team in the registration for the Revelation Global Championship Tournament and will be responsible for communication with the Organizer. The content exchanged between the Team Leader and the Organizer represents the team’s collective opinion. The team is not allowed to change the Team Leader during the tournament.

3.2. Registration for Tournament

Before the start of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, all teams must register for the competition according to the regulations set by the Organizer. The team cannot change the registered lineup once a confirmation email of successful registration is received.

4. Code of Conduct

4.1. General Code of Conduct

4.1.1. Participants standard

All teams and participants must be honest and demonstrate high sportsmanship. Team members, when interacting with other team participants, Organizer, VNG staff, authorized VNG partners, Organizer members, media, sponsors, and fans, should display professionalism and sportsmanship.

4.1.2. Compete in Fair Play manner

All teams and participants must perform to the best of their abilities and compete fairly.

4.1.3. Penalties  

Violations of behavior rules will be detailed in the following sections. Participants who violate behavior rules will be penalized by the Organizer. All decisions made by the Organizer regarding violations and penalties in the Competition Regulations are final and binding.

4.2. Violation Behavior

The following are examples of violations of behavior, including but not limited to:

4.2.1. Collusion 

Any collusive actions by any participants are prohibited. Examples of collusion include:

  • Any agreements between two or more participants from the same or different teams to not compete to their fullest abilities, giving an advantage to the opposing team or opposing member.
  • Prearrangement of prize distribution and/or other compensatory actions
  • Intentionally losing in the competition for compensation or any other reason, or enticing other participants to engage in similar behavior.

4.2.2. Cheating

Cheating behaviors are prohibited. The use of cheating devices, cheating programs, or any other cheating methods such as signaling devices, hand gestures, or similar methods is considered cheating. Downloading any third-party program onto the gaming device is also considered cheating and will be penalized.

4.2.3. Exploiting Vulnerabilities  

The Organizer will announce the functions in the game that are considered vulnerabilities and deliberately using these vulnerabilities to gain an advantage in the competition is strictly prohibited. Exploiting vulnerabilities include using functions that have effects beyond the intended design of the game.

4.2.4. Impersonation

Using someone else’s account or name to compete or entice others to perform similar actions is strictly prohibited.

4.2.5. Vulgar language and Provocation 

In all online and offline competition activities, interviews, media activities, or any communication related to the Revelation Global Championship Tournament and Revelation, participants are not allowed to use vulgar, discriminatory, obscene language or any form of language that threatens, attacks, humiliates, defames, or harms the dignity of others. Participants are not allowed to post, share, or distribute unauthorized content. Participants are not allowed to use vulgar language or provoke hatred on social media or during the Revelation Global Championship Tournament using any language. In addition, participants are also not allowed to encourage the community to engage in unauthorized activities as defined by this regulation.

4.2.6. Match Manipulation 

Participants are not allowed to propose, agree, collude to manipulate matches, or use other actions intended to alter or attempt to alter the result of a match (or part of a match) unfairly. Match manipulation will receive the highest penalties in each match. If a participant is asked to participate in controlling the match or engages in any behavior contrary to the competition rules, participants must immediately report the situation to the Organizer.

4.2.7. Information Provision  

The Organizer may require the provision of information such as prize information, power of attorney, guardianship papers, or other documents. Failure to provide the requested information by the Organizer will be considered a violation and will be subject to penalties according to the decision of the Organizer.

4.2.8.Term of Use

Any behavior that (A) violates the Terms of Use of Revelation, (B) violates the policies and guidelines published on the website or official channels of Revelation, or (C) obstructs others from using Revelation is prohibited and will be penalized.

4.2.9. Refusal to Compete 

Participants or teams are not allowed to withdraw or refuse to participate in matches and activities related to the Revelation Global Championship Tournament. Absence without specific reason will be considered a violation and will be dealt with according to the provisions for handling violations.

4.3. Forms of Disciplinary Action

4.3.1. Investigation by the Organizer

The Organizer has the right to monitor compliance with the tournament rules by participants and investigate any misconduct. By agreeing to the tournament regulations, participants have agreed to cooperate with the Organizer in conducting internal or expanded investigations into suspected violations of the tournament rules, registration, or laws. Participants, when cooperating with the Organizer in the investigation, are responsible for declaring the truth and not obstructing the investigation, deceiving investigators, or concealing evidence.

4.3.2. Penalties. 

If the Organizer determines that a participant or team has violated the tournament rules or registration regulations, the Organizer will apply the following penalties based on the severity of the violation:

(a) Public warning through verbal or written means;

(b) Deduction of a portion or all of the prize money;

(c) Forfeiture of one or more matches;

(d) Forfeiture of achievements in the Revelation Global Championship Tournament;

(e) Disqualification from participating in the tournament;

(f) Temporary suspension from the competition;

(g) Ban from future tournaments, including the Revelation Global Championship Tournament.

4.3.3. Repeated Violation

The severity of the disciplinary action will increase if the violation is repeated multiple times.

4.3.4. Final Decision

Unless otherwise specified, any violation of the tournament rules, whether intentional or not, will be subject to penalties. Attempted violations will also be penalized. The corresponding disciplinary decision of the Organizer will be final and binding.

5. Copyrights and Data Permission

5.1. Granting Data Permission to the Organizer

All participants grant authorization to the Organizer, VNG, and VNG’s partners to livestream, commentate, and record during the Revelation matches and related activities at the Revelation Global Championship Tournament. All participants allow the Organizer full rights to use and completely waive any fees to copy, publish, distribute, modify, store, use, and display the full name of the Participant, character name, images, avatars, photographs, profile pictures, voice, videos, in-game images, gameplay statistics, and biographical information to create derivative works of the aforementioned in media products during and after the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, associated with (a) commentary and live streaming of all or part of the matches; (b) advertising and promotion for other Revelation tournaments; and (c) advertising and promotion for Revelation.

5.2. Livestream Ownership

All participants must acknowledge and agree that the relevant portions of livestreams, commentary, and audiovisual materials belong to the Organizer of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament and authorized parties. The appearance in any livestream of matches or audiovisual materials does not imply the participants’ ownership of the livestream and audiovisual materials.

5.3. Feedback

All participants may provide suggestions, comments, or feedback (collectively referred to as “Feedback”) to the Organizer in a spirit of respect and with the intention of improving the operation of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament or Revelation. The participants’ feedback should be voluntary and self-initiated. All participants agree that the content of the feedback, even if considered confidential by the respondent, will not impose any confidentiality obligation on the Organizer in the absence of any related written commitment. Furthermore, unless the Organizer receives and signs a relevant document stipulating otherwise, the Organizer may freely use, disclose, copy, permit, and otherwise expand and apply the appropriate feedback, without any limitations on intellectual property rights or other arising forms.

6. Scope of Responsibility

6.1. Exemption from liability

Within the limits allowed by law, the Organizer of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, VNG, and authorized companies (collectively referred to as “the Parties related to the Organizer”) shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, consequential, special, or punitive damages resulting in the delay or inability to operate the matches, Registration Regulations, or any matters related to the Revelation Global Championship Tournament or Revelation, regardless of any errors or foreseen losses by the Parties related to the Organizer.

6.2. Limit of compensation

Within the limits allowed by law, the cumulative limit of compensation for direct losses incurred by team members due to losses related to the Gameplay Regulations, the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, and Revelation shall not exceed 5,000,000 VND per person. The degree of compensation does not affect this limit. Even if the compensation amount is insufficient to cover the damages, the limit of compensation and exclusion of liability still apply. The Organizer shall not assume, nor authorize any organization or individual to assume, any responsibility beyond what is specified.

7. Final decision-making authority 

All decisions regarding the status of participants, sponsorship limits, match arrangements and scheduling, and penalties for misconduct with the Organizer, or decisions made by the Organizer and/or its staff, shall be final and binding, and shall not give rise to any claims for monetary compensation or other remedial measures.

8. Contacting with Organization  Board

8.1. Emergency contact

In necessary cases, participants need to quickly contact the Organizer or the staff through either Discord, Email or in-game Customer Support. Accordingly, all participants agree to respond to all requests from the Organizer or the staff regarding the collection of information and opinions from the participants (which may be through phone calls, text messages, voice messages, emails, or other communication applications provided by the participants as contact information to the Organizer, referred to as “Formal Requests”).

8.2. Official requirement through email

Participants must respond to all formal requests via email from the Organizer within 24 hours of receiving the formal request.

8.3. Receipt of formal request

Any formal request sent via email, text message, voice message, Discord, or other communication applications will be deemed “received” by the participant after one (01) hour from the time it was sent (as displayed on the sending device). Any formal request provided (or attempted to be provided) by the Organizer and its staff through a phone call will be deemed “received” by the participant after thirty (30) minutes from the time the call was made (as displayed on the calling device), regardless of whether the participant answered the call at that time or not.

8.4. Failure to respond to formal requests

Participants who fail to respond to formal requests as stipulated in Article 8 shall be considered in violation of the Gameplay Regulations and may be deprived of any rights and benefits associated with that formal request. In the event of a failure to respond to a formal request, the Organizer has the right to take necessary disciplinary actions, including those specified in Article 4.3. All decisions regarding the handling of violations under Article 8 are at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

9. Interpretation

9.1. Organizer’s Right of Interpretation

Any issues related to the Revelation Global Championship Tournament that are not addressed in these Gameplay Regulations shall be explained and provided by the Organizer through updates or interpretations based on these Gameplay Regulations. All decisions of the Organizer, including the authority to interpret, shall be considered official and final.

9.2. Additional Terms

 Participants may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions from the Organizer. While participating in the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, participants are required to comply with the Terms of Use/Licensing Agreement for Revelation. The Organizer reserves the right to change or update the Gameplay Regulations, modify or cancel part or all of the tournament at any time.

9.3. Regarding Orrganizer’s Decision 

The Gameplay Regulations provide and reserve the right for the Organizer to conduct activities, control or approve, agree or disagree with activities, and make decisions unless specifically stated otherwise. The Organizer has the discretionary power to participate in any activities based on their own assessment to ensure the best interests of the Organizer and the short-term and long-term benefits of the Revelation Global Championship Tournament, Revelation, and the business operations of the parties involved. All teams and participants will not take any actions or file any complaints regarding the refusal or unreasonable delay by the Organizer and the staff in the application, approval, decision, or other matters related to these Gameplay Regulations.


Detailed brackets and fixtures of the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia representative teams


Country: Philippines




Country: Singapore




Country: Malaysia



The Detail Ranking has been updated. 

1 ICE ICE_laomo 44
3 NSN NSN_Dian 36
4 RR RR_haishen 36
5 6L1 6L1_VII 36
6 MA4 MA4_JANN3R 34
7 VNR VNR_Any 34
8 PQU PQU_Kwazi 34
10 TS TS_Valdus 32
11 KTK KTK_youzi 32
12 OLP OPL_I3arbieG 30
13 TCU TCU_3pleOrgasm 30
14 NNM NNM_Kirin 30
15 LUK LUK_Potato men 30
16 XMM XMM_midoreen 26
17 MIN MIN_LumiQui 26
18 BOLD BOLD_X Ragnar 24
19 KG KG_Komi 14
20 BLN BLN_NO Heart 9