After many days of intense competition down to every minute, competing against each other in every match, we have finally found the “New King” of the Revelation Global Championship tournament. Congratulations to the Champion: 混混就好了 (ICE) – a representative from China who has excellently overcome each opponent to take the throne worthily

Exclusive rewards for the Champion of Revelation Global Championship include:

  • Gift Show and Souvenirs
  • 11,000 USD/Team
  • RGC 2023 Champion Cup / Team
  • Champion Medal / Member In-Game Items
  • Mount – Lapis Lazuli Special Effect / Member
  • Radiant Light (365 Days) / Member
  • Avatar Frame – Peak of Glory (180 Days) / Member
  • Special Effect Title – RGC Champion 2023 (365 Days) / Member
  • Lucky Money x1 / Member
  • Exotic Title – RGC 2023 Champion (Permanent) / Member
  • Weaver’s Ticket x450 / Member


We would also like to congratulate these teams for their enthusiasm and promising performances:

  • 1st Runner up: 盛世烟雨 (HDT)
  • 2nd Runner up: AVENGERS (AVG)

These teams showcased their abilities and delivered action-packed battles for all Adventurers during the tournament.

Once again, we would like to honor and give thanks to the Teams for their dedication to the tournament. Your contributions have helped in creating extremely satisfying and thrilling matches. Also, thank you very much to all the fans who have followed and cheered for the Teams throughout the tournament.

Adventurers, check the reward details and results of the tournament here:

Let’s look forward to more explosive and exciting new seasons with Xiao Yu in the future!



  • Customers 18 years old and over who have an online game account for Revelation: Infinite Journey may participate in the event.
  • The program does not apply to VNG Games of VNG Joint Stock Company employees.
  • Any vulgar content related to religion, politics, or violates the law is strictly prohibited.
  • The organizer has the right to use the contest entry for communication purposes;
  • Entries must not violate fine customs and be offensive to others
  • Players agree to follow the event rules set by the Organizer and provide enough personal information for the Organizer to award prizes.
  • The organizer’s decision is final in case of any dispute
  • The organizer refuses to deal with cases of providing incorrect information
  • The time to deliver prizes is from 45 – 60 days from the date of announcement of the results (depending on the prizes and the location of the winners)
  • In terms of the merchandise prizes, VNG will pay the shipping costs to the player’s country of residence, but the player will have to pay the customs tax (if any) according to the regulations of the player’s country of residence to claim the prize.
  • The winning team’s prize will be given to the team captain by bank transfer. The Organizer will not intervene in the internal distribution of prizes between teams. At the same time, the prize recipient will be responsible for all personal income taxes incurred (if any) according to the host country’s regulations.
  • Players must provide accurate prize receipt information to VNG. VNG will bear all bank fees incurred (if any) for cash prizes to reward the winner. In case the prize award fails due to the winner’s error, the winner must bear all fees incurred for the next prize payment.
  • The time for players to receive the reward is within 60 days from the date of notification of the award; after this time, if the customer has not come to receive the prize, the prize will be canceled.


Following the investigation and verification conducted by the organizer, some members of the DRM and VNR teams have been found to engage in behaviors violating the terms and regulations while participating in the Regional Qualifier Stage of the Revelation Global Championship 2023 Tournament. In accordance with the tournament rules and regulations, these mentioned Adventurers will have their eligibility to participate in the Inter – Regional Finals of the Revelation Global Championship 2023 revoked. 

The remaining members of the DRM and VNR teams are not affected. 

Friendly Match Format – Revelation Global Championship 2023

Dear Adventurers,  

At 18:00 on December 18, 2023 (GMT +7), the friendly matches between the BTC team and the 7 “direct entry” teams will officially take place within the Revelation Global Championship framework. Below is the format and schedule of the matches. Feel free to check it out. 


The friendly matches will follow the Swiss format. The Organizer VNGxNE (TY) team and the 7 “direct-entry” teams will compete according to the Swiss format, with each match consisting of 5 rounds (BO5): 1v1 – 5v5 – 3v3 – 5v5 – 1v1. 

The Swiss-style competition format is applied as follows: 

  • It includes a total of 3 rounds. 
  • The first round takes place based on the following draw results: 
  • SPX vs AVG 
  • TY (VNGxNE) vs NVN 
  • HDK vs EAG 
  • DRM vs NMD 

  Note: All 8 teams will compete simultaneously.  

  • A total of 12 matches will be played according to the following schedule:  

Adventurers, remember to tune in to the live broadcast of the Revelation Global Championship friendly matches on the official Fanpage, Youtube, and Tiktok channels to cheer for the teams and have the chance to receive exciting CODE rewards! 


Dear Adventurers, 

After three intense days of competition in the National Qualifier Stage of the Revelation Global Championship 2023, the organizer is pleased to announce the list of three representative teams for each country, along with the teams advancing directly to the Inter-Regional Knockout stage. 


A  6L1  MIN  PQU  SKY  摆烂~  DEI 


The organizer would like to congratulate the above-mentioned teams for their outstanding performance, overcoming numerous opponents to secure a spot as the national representatives in the Revelation Global Championship 2023. We hope that you will maintain your excellent form to advance further in this highly competitive tournament. 

The Inter-Regional Knockout stage will include friendly matches between the 7 “direct entry” teams from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, along with a team from Organizer VNGxNE, just before the official competition of Inter-Regional Knockout stage 

The friendly matches will take place at 18:00 on December 18, 2023 (GMT +7). Adventurers, please stay tuned for the live broadcast on Revelation: New World’s official Fanpage, Youtube, and Tiktok channels to not miss the exciting matches and the chance to receive gifts during the livestream! 

Revelation Global Championship 2023- FAQ

1. How can I join the tournament if I cannot change my class? Do I need to change classes if my character is currently a Holy Lancer in order to participate in the RGC tournament?

Adventurers can create an account with a different class other than Holy Lancer to participate in the Preliminary – National Qualifier Stage. If teams advance to the Regional Knockout Stage, the Organizer will assist in copying the player’s main character to the Tournament platform (based on the provided role ID). The copied character will be assigned a different class, excluding Holy Lancer. In summary, this does not affect the main character the player is currently using (in short, Holy Lancer players do not need to change classes to participate in the Tournament).

2. Which character will receive the rewards for the top 3 in the national rounds if competing with a different character?

The rewards will be sent to the main character of the Adventurer.

3. Can I still register even if I don’t have 7 members?


Each participating team must have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 7 members.

4. Is it mandatory for all members to be on the same server?


The tournament features allow players from different servers to compete together, therefore it is not necessary for all team members to be on the same server.

5. Can team members be changed?

No, because the tournament will be held in a different app than the current game app, only those who registered from the beginning will be able to access it. Changing team members is not allowed.

6. Can players from countries outside the SEA region participate in the tournament?


Players from nations other than Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia are welcome to compete. The country picked by the team captain after registration with the Organizer shall be the representing country.

7. What should I keep in mind when completing the tournament registration form?

– Double-check the country information you enter when registering.

– Check each team member’s information for accuracy.

– Wait for an email from the Organizer within 48 hours after registration. If your registration has failed, please follow the instructions in the email.

– [For teams registering in Vietnam]: Make sure you’ve contacted the Organizer to confirm your registration details. If you received a Zalo QR Code from Xiao Yu, please contact Xiao Yu directly. If the Adventurer does not have this information, contact the Revelation: New World Fanpage as soon as possible to request Xiao Yu’s contact details!